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A specialist provider will review your data and clinical information within 7 days.

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Discuss your diagnosis, clinical data, workup, and treatment plan.

Our patients say it best.

"Dr. Walker was very generous with his time and very patient-centered. His listening skills are excellent. He described his assessment of my symptoms and options for next steps very clearly, and his demeanor and expertise were very impressive."

Elena F.

Rheumatology Patient

"People have asked me if I thought telemedicine was somehow hindering my care and I can emphatically share – NO! Actually, it was a huge blessing because it allowed me to connect with an extremely good doctor from the comfort of my own home. I never feel rushed and we seem to accomplish an immeasurable amount in each appointment."

Grace D.

Endocrinology Patient

"My doctor was immediately very warm, personable and genuinely interested in getting to know who I was as a person, not just a patient. He asked very detailed questions about my history and symptoms, and put pieces of my medical puzzle right in front of me. It all finally made sense."

Molly F.

Rheumatology Patient

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The Teams by Beam Difference

Our team of distinguished specialists are afocused on supporting their communities.

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You don't have to be a Teams by Beam subscriber to get input from our specialists. We've helped hundreds of patients get the quality specialty care they deserve – fast.

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Our endocrinologists can help you manage and treat a variety of disorders in tandem with your primary care provider via telemedicine, including:

  • Thyroid disorders
  • Diabetes mellitus management (Type 1 and Type 2)
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • Pituitary disorders
  • Adrenal disorders + More
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Our neurologists can help you manage and treat a variety of conditions in tandem with your primary care provider via telemedicine, including:

  • Seizures
  • Headache and Migraine
  • Nerve and Chronic Pain Disorders
  • Stroke/TIA
  • Multiple Sclerosis + More
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Our rheumatologists can help you manage and treat a variety of autoimmune conditions in tandem with your primary care provider via telemedicine, including:

  • Distinguish rheumatoid or psoriatic arthritis from osteoarthritis
  • Diagnose Lupus
  • Evaluate for Osteoporosis
  • Autoimmune disease questions + More
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How does scheduling with a specialist work?

Scheduling with a Teams by Beam specialist is simple:

  1. Complete the patient intake form. You will be asked to provide information on a HIPAA-compliant platform to ensure the specialist has a clear understanding of your medical history of symptoms to help provide you with recommendations.
  2. Request an E-Consult or Virtual Consult. Once a member of our team reviews your information and finds we can meet your needs, your E-Consult will be requested or you will be sent a link to schedule your Virtual Visit.
  3. Leave the rest to us! Upon completion of either service, the specialist will compose a consult note with impressions and suggestions. This can be shared directly with your primary care provider as well.
How much does an appointment cost?

A Virtual Consultation costs $399. An E-Consult costs $199. The average wait time for an appointment is 7 days.

In comparison, the national average cost to see a specialist varies from $300-600, and wait times are typically 6-12 weeks.

Prior to processing your payment, a member of our medical team will review your medical information from your primary care provider to ensure that our team can meet your needs. If our team determines that your care would be better served by an in-person consult, or that we are not the best choice for you for another reason, you will not be charged for the appointment.

Do I need to have insurance?

No, you do not need insurance.

What states do you provide services in?

Teams by Beam provides on-demand services in many states in the U.S. Please view individual specialties to see where we provide care.

Will the specialist prescribe medications or perform followup care?

Teams by Beam specialists will not prescribe medications nor perform followup care. Our doctors work in tandem with your primary care provider to provide specialist recommendations regarding care.