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Stay Healthy

Optimize your health with proactive care and custom lifestyle modification plans.

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Get Care

Access to specialists and a growing list of labs, and medications when ill.

"We empower our patients with resources and services to help them stay healthy, both mentally and physically.

And when the patients do need care, they can focus on their health and don't have to worry about the cost of common labs, prescriptions, x-rays, and more."

Sarjoo Patel, MD

Founder | Physician

“I love to see complicated systems of care broken down to a simple set of choices, just like what Teams by Beam has done. It makes it a lot easier for me as a patient and a consumer.”

Norine Yukon

Former CEO, UnitedHealth Group

“Teams By Beam has provided a gateway for my employees that I wasn't able to provide as a small business as easily as I wanted to.”

Troy Migut

CEO, Geneva AutoBody

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Proactive resources to keep your team happy and healthy.

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Proactive Primary Care

Dedicated primary care focused on individual needs, goals, and healthcare journeys.

Wellness Biomarkers

Evaluate 40+ biomarkers to develop personalized wellness plans.

Nutrition Goals

Leverage AI and clinical resources to review and optimize nutrition to meet individual goals.

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Fitness & Lifestyle

Create customized fitness plans and support individual lifestyle goals.

Mental Wellness

Access to proactive mental health wellness check-ins and counseling.

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Sleep Quality

Work with experts to optimize a work-life-rest routine for overall wellness.


When life happens, we’re there.

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Tele-Mini Visits for Families

When the unexpected happens, tele-mini visits allow patients to seek care with their physician via text or call.

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Mental Health Counseling

We provide resources, like counseling, to provide support for depression, anxiety, burnout, and more.

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Access specialists and specialty care without the wait from at home, at work, or on the road.

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Labs & Biomarkers

Analyze overall health and find problems before they occur or become worse with annual wellness labs.


Access to 700+ medications at no additional cost in partnership with Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drugs Company.

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We provide access to imaging and other testing at select locations.

Trusted by business owners and their teams nationwide.

People first, always.

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“Teams By Beam has provided a gateway for my employees that I wasn't able to provide as a small business as easily as I wanted to.”

Troy Migut

CEO, Geneva Auto Body

“I didn't think that I could stand in front of a machine and a doctor could be miles away from me and monitor my heart, my lungs, my blood pressure … I wouldn't be alive today without it.”

John Philips

Auto Technician

An investment that makes sense.


of employees don’t enroll in available healthcare plans because they are unaffordable.


of employees are more likely to stay with their employer if they like their healthcare benefits.


of employees say healthcare benefits are a "must-have" when considering a new job.

Who we serve.

Individuals + Non-Profits + Businesses

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Healthcare subscriptions that provides access to quality care to you and your family without breaking your bank .

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We are here to serve your members and volunteers. Subscription that is made to leverage funds for the highest impact.

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Growing Companies

Business is booming, and you're expanding. You need benefits to attract and retain good people, but without the high costs.

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Game-Changing Collaborations

Like-minded companies unite to bring value to the community.

Bringing $0 Prescriptions

Collaborating with Cost Plus Drugs naturally aligns with our mission to put patients first—both in health and wallet. Together we are setting a new industry standard for patient-centered, affordable healthcare, proving that we can continue raise the bar on patient-centric healthcare. Read the press release.

Bringing $0 Mental Health Sessions

Our collaboration with BetterHelp makes it possible for Teams by Beam members to leverage the included number of mental health sessions proactively or when life happens. No more obstacles of high cost or long wait times to see a counselor.

Bringing Virtual Care to Work & Home

With our collaboration with Tytocare, our members can now have a virtual clinic at work and eventually at home. Don't worry, you don't need to have any medical training. We can listen to your heart, lungs, and look into your ears and mouth, all remotely. See how we have leveraged this on our non-profit side at Beam Up.

A Growing List of Services

For physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellness.

Primary Care

Wellness Biomarkers

Custom Nutrition Plans

Mental Health | Counseling

Lab Work

Fitness | Lifestyle

Family Mini Visits

Imaging | X-rays

Virtual Clinic at Home

Specialist Consults


Virtual & Onsite Work Clinic


Healthcare Subscription that is Simple. Affordable. Proactive.

Team's Health & Wellness

Up to 300 employees.


starting tier

Team plan based on utilization without the fixed per member cost.

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What’s included:

From proactive wellness to as needed healthcare

  • Proactive care - health + wellness
  • Custom lifestyle & nutrition goals
  • As needed routine and urgent care visits
  • Access to self serve lab dashboard
  • Prescriptions with Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug, Co.
  • Mental health therapy with BetterHelp
  • Chronic disease management
  • Utilization based membership
  • In office telemedicine equipment
  • At home telemedicine equipment for enterprise clients
General Questions

Don't hesitate to reach out

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Please see plan details for geographical and annual limits.


How long does the enrollment process take?

It’s easy to get started with Teams by Beam. Once you’ve connected with a member of the Beam Team and decided to move forward, it will take you less than 5 minutes to enroll yourself or your company.

Teams by Beam is a medical service membership and is not an insurance plan. Services may vary based on location. Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

What is the enrollment period?

Family or team members can be added to your subscription at any time. There is no wait.

What if the company already provides health insurance?

Teams by Beam is a medical service subscription and is not an insurance plan.

Organizations choose to provide Teams by Beam as a benefit to their teams in addition to their health insurance to:

  • Proactively monitor physical/mental well-being without the worries about co-pays/deductibles/medication costs
  • Minimize time off from work for onsite appointments
  • Improve services, such as a growing list of included labs and medications
  • Provide care to their team wherever they are: at work, at home, or on the road

Services may vary based on location.

What medications are included and how much do they cost?

Teams by Beam ships over 700 commonly utilized medications directly to your doorstep in collaboration with Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company. You can find a complete list of medications on their website.

As the list of affordable medications continues to evolve, our goal is to provide you with the best value for your medications at all times.

Are there any costs to team members?

There are no costs to employees or your volunteers. The business covers the subscription.

Can the monthly subscription be paid for with an HSA/FSA?

Yes. You can pay for the membership with an HSA or an FSA.

Does Teams by Beam accept insurance?

No, Teams by Beam does not accept insurance. By remaining separate from insurance providers, we're able to pass on significant cost savings to our subscribers and patients.

Does Teams by Beam accept Medicare or Medicaid?

No, Teams by Beam does not accept Medicare nor Medicaid.

In which states does Teams by Beam provide services?

Teams by Beam currently provides services in: 

  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Texas
  • Wisconsin

Services are coming soon to: 

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Louisiana
  • Missouri
  • Oklahoma

States where services are provided are pink; services will be coming soon to states in yellow.

US map of service areas
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Put your team first.

Running a business is tough enough. Providing your team with the care they need to succeed shouldn’t be.

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